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Decarbonization has already begun, and the appeal of a fossil-fuel-free world is growing – not only because it would limit climate change, but also because it would be more technologically advanced, democratic, resilient, healthy, and economically dynamic.







About Syntezia Innovation Teams and Implementation Partners and supporting networks.

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”

Marshall McLuhan

Design Thinking, LEAN STARTUP, AGILE & System thinking

We use design thinking (IDEO & Standford methodology) to understand the problem, lean startup to build the first solution mock-up and agile coaching to implement fast. We also offer collective intelligence workshops to move from an idea to a product or a service that maximise its CO2 emissions impact.

IP STrategy, PRIVACY & creative Commons

As we understand the importance of intellectual property and the possibilities offered by creative commons, we can assist you in your IP Strategy


Creativity and innovation can sometimes feel mysterious. It is a actually a process and something that we can learn. It is funnier when we co-create. Energy Living Lab methodology is a proven approach.

It is super easy to join one of Syntezia’s Innovation Teams, Try it now to get prepared for seed money !

green and brown grass field

If you want to do something about decarbonisation, if you want to act about climate change, if you have a high enthusiasm and urgency level, you are warmly welcome to join one of Syntezia’s innovation teams. Our innovation teams will start to co-create ideas and challenges with the intention to co-create prototypes, test and validate working assumptions, develop ideas into validated, tangible, viable and scalable solutions to tackle climate emergency.

Happening Now

13 Innovation Teams

13 Innovation Teams

The NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation is proud to announce that 5 new Innovation Teams have been selected by our innovation committee and will receive funding to develop their ideas in energy efficiency, mobility, circular economy and digitalisation. These Innovation Teams are all committed to co-designing solutions to impact decarbonisation in Switzerland. These 5 new Innovation Teams allow the NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation to reach their objectives of 13 co-funded projects in 2021 for a total of CHF 243’764.- 


Trust our innovation process

Featured Energy Living Lab Initiatives

5 new Innovation Teams selected

5 new Innovation Teams selected

The NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Decarbonisation is proud to announce 5 new Innovation Teams have been selected by our innovation committee and will receive funding to develop their projects. These Innovation Teams are all committed to innovate and impact decarbonation in Switzerland. 

Discover in a few words the projects selected by the committee for a funding of about CHF 18’000. The objective of these funds is to explore opportunities and markets in different fields. The projects have been selected based on their decarbonation potential as well as on other criteria such as their team or their radicality. 

The best of our videos now on YouTube.

The best of our videos now on YouTube.

We are looking forward to counting your likes and reading your comments to know what you think and what other videos you would like to see 😉 Let’s go for the likes!!!
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A look back at the Innovation Camp 2021

A look back at the Innovation Camp 2021

The NTN Innovation Booster Living Labs for Energy Decarbonisation program wants to challenge the culture of creating and developing energy decarbonisation projects, innovating from the ground up with citizens and experimenting in a real-world setting. The Energy Living Lab Association (ELLA) conducts projects in collaboration with change agents to realize this vision. Innosuisse supports this program and finances projects throughout Switzerland.

Let’s co-design a decarbonisation challenge

Together we can co-design a challenge (for instance a one-month campaign) and source new decarbonisation ideas. 

Fostering Renewable Energy Systemic Innovation

Pressure is coming both from ‘below’, as it were, via developments in renewables and information technologies and from ‘above’ via the commitment to a zero net carbon target. This is the reason why at Syntezia, we apply the Macro / Meso / Micro approcach derived from Energy Living Labs and turn it into idea generation, ecosystem analysis and stakeholders management.

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My Top Priorities

The digital transformation of the global energy system is already well underway, but policymakers must refocus their attention on a new set of innovation priorities if we are to successfully electrify and decarbonise in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.


Syntezia® living lab seeks to reinvigorate and accelerate action by stimulating public-private

investment into breakthrough decarbonisation ideas.


My areas of interest:

– Power Systems

– Smart Grids

– Microgrids

– Virtual Power Plants

– Renewable Energy

– Energy Storage

– Electric Vehicle Charging

– Financial Markets (Biogas & Power)

– Power and Energy Management (Smart Energy)

– Building Automation Systems

– Biodiversity Protection

– Urban Mobility use cases

– Cargo-bikes for last mile delivery

– Carbon Intensive Long Distance Transportation

– Biomass, biogas, biomethane

– Hidden hydropower

– Black Carbon

– Net Zero Emissions approach


Our current portfolio includes:

– Cloud-Integrated Battery Degradation-aware Adaptive Energy Management

– Efficient use of energy resources, sustainability and clean energy by means of waste management, renewable energy and digitalization of energy in buildings

– Interoperable, independent and scalable management infrastructure for CO2 free mobility, heating, cooling and storage solutions.

– Biomass to hydrogene transformation

– Floatable renewable energy concepts and solutions

– Decarbonisation of office space / Smart Offices

– BIM, CIM and RIM

– Electro-kinetics and dynamic membrane production, filtration and concentration

– GIS and maps visualisation to monitor and pilot ecosystems.

In terms of digital transformation, my focus is on :

– Blockchain and NFTs

– Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

– Cloud and Edge Computing

– Fablab and rapid prototyping

– Robotics and RPA

– IoT, M2M, Wearables and IIoT


Decarbonising the power sector means reducing its carbon intensity: that is, reducing the emissions per unit of electricity generated (often given in grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour). To put our energy system back on track to achieve the long term CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets, scaled up efforts are required especially in the three major areas of energy consumption: transport, heating and cooling, as well as electricity generation for households and industry.


Because growing forests capture CO2 in their biomass and soils, large-scale tree planting efforts have been advertised as a viable way to counteract anthropogenic emissions as part of net-zero emission strategies. Here, we assess the potential impact of reforestation and afforestation on the global climate system, and identify ecological, economic, and societal implications of such efforts. Total carbon capture associated with afforestation and reforestation can be enhanced by substituting long-lived harvested wood products for steel, cement, and aluminum, and by using harvest residues as bioenergy to replace fossil fuels.


Eco-conception, server consumption, green IT, tackling electronic waste wicked problems and transforming datacenters to cut their CO2 emissions. There is so much to be done.


Driving business models, value proposition, rapide prototyping, tests for products and services that address climate change and to help our clients reduce carbon emissions.


Maximising climate and biodiversity synergies and minimizing tradeoffs requires rapid and deep energy system decarbonisation.


Cargo-bikes, batteries, hydrogene, charging time, removing cars from urban areas and finding new solutions for remote areas and “ZwischenStadt” periphery areas.

 Working together

Let’s co-create and co-develop !

You could be our next partner, the next successful innovation team, or a super useful co-funding and implementation partner!




Yves Zieba

Yves Zieba

Vice President Energy Living Lab Association

Director Syntezia

Geneva Energy Living Lab Manager

Mobile / Signal : 0041 79 561 10 54

Skype: yveszieba

Phone number : +41 22 548 39 75

Email: yves.zieba@energylivinglab.com

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