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The association “Energy Living Lab” was created in Sierre in 2020 by its three founding members :
Joëlle Mastelic, Florian Bürki and Yves Zieba.

  • Mrs Joëlle Mastelic is the President.
  • Mr Florian Bürki is Treasurer/Secretary.
  • Mr. Yves Zieba holds the position of Vice-President.

The association is a private law association, independent and with an ideal goal; its duration is indefinite.
The headquarters of the association “Energy Living Lab” is located in Switzerland, in the canton of Valais, at HES-SO Valais, Technopôle 3, CH 3960 Sierre.

Where to find us

The association is an innovation intermediary, which orchestrates an ecosystem of stakeholders within a region.

Its objective is to co-design products, services, programmes, in an iterative way and to generate a positive societal impact, by integrating the main stakeholders, representing the public sector, the private sector, citizens and economic or social partners.


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