After several months of work, sessions and new encounters, we were able to officially launch the Innovation Booster “NTN Living Labs Decarbonisation” during a Kick-Off on January 19th 2021 bringing together the whole consortium and Innosuisse. Living Labs for Energy Decarbonisation develops and operates activities to promote technological and social innovation through a public, private, people partnership, transferring knowledge and co-designing solutions using open innovation and design thinking methods. Approximately 2,000,000 CHF over 4 years has been made available by Innosuisse to help us boost social innovation for the energy transition.

Team picture

NTN Innovation Booster – Living Labs for Decarbonisation – Team picture during the kickoff session – January 2021.

The Kick-off allowed the partners to meet each other and present their roles including the Leading House  – the Energy Living Lab Association, implementation partners, research partners, networks of networks, citizens and of course the 10 Living Labs. The consortium will develop innovative ideas and the Living Labs will work with the innovation teams regionally throughout Switzerland to develop concrete projects that impact the energy transition. .. Innosuisse representative, Emile Dupont, highlighted the importance of the project in the ecosystem of innovation for the field of decarbonization. He explained why our program was chosen by Innosuisse. The objective of the Kick-Off was to explain the key performance indicators and the innovation process of the NTN Innovation Booster as well as to put faces behind the various positions.


This meeting also helped to underline the diversity of backgrounds and genders in the different Living Labs but also the different expertise gathered in the consortium.

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Find out the 3 competences participants came up with during the kick off.

The next steps for the project is the training of Living Lab managers in capacity building of Living Labs. This training will be provided virtually by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) though their Virtual Learning lab. Open Lab Day and Innovation Camps around the Living Labs and decarbonization are also in preparation.


To find out everything about the NTN Innovation Booster – Living Labs for Decarbonisation, visit our program page.

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